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Marble is one of the more elegant natural stone that has been held in high regard throughout history.  For thousands of years humans planned the world’s most stunning architecture more often than not marble was their stone of choice.  It comes in many different colors and is a very versatile stone.  Even today, marble is still a top choice to add character and aesthetics to any project.

Some people are under the misconception that a natural stone like marble doesn’t require any maintenance.  The fact is that all marble requires some kind of routine maintenance.  Obviously, some marble is harder than others.  Having said that, marble in general is actually softer and more susceptible to scratching and etching.  Without proper maintenance marble can develop a very dull appearance.  The type of care your marble requires depends on many different things.  The marble type, purpose, finish and even location can impact your marble care needs.  Therefore working with a marble restoration specialist like Dave the Marble Guy is so important.

Dave the Marble has over two decades of experience working with marble.  His team understands and appreciate the special nature of marble.  Dave the Marble Guy can repair, refinish, protect and restore your marble and limestone and produce stunning results. Our services include:

Marble Refinishing

Marble floors can be too dull, but occasionally they can also be too shiny.  There are times when your marble’s finish may be noticeably uneven.  Then again, you may just be looking to change up the look.  Whether you prefer a glossy or matte finish we can help.  If your marble has an uneven finish, we can help.  You may even want to change the finish from polished to honed (matte or satin) or vice versa.  Regardless of your preference or issue you are dealing with Dave the Marble Guy can deliver the marble finish of your dreams.

Marble Honing & Polishing

Marble is susceptible to scratches, etching, dull spots and uneven finishes that can greatly diminish the beauty of your floors and surfaces.  Dave the Marble Guy can eliminate these issues by honing your marble surfaces.  The result is an elegant damage free surface.  Once we finish the honing process, we can then select the proper diamond pads or powders to polish and restore your marble surfaces to whatever finish you desire.  Dave and his team of experts have the marble honing and polishing skills to deliver the exact finish you are looking for.

Lippage Removal / Marble Grinding

Not only do uneven tiles look terrible, they can be a real safety hazard.  With the help of industry leading grinding technology, Dave the Marble Guy can perform a process called lippage removal which will grind away the excess stone.  This process will return your floors surface to a flat, level, safe surface.  This process can also be done to facilitate easier cleaning by bringing the tiles level with the grout lines.

Marble Stain Removal

Spills can happen regardless of how careful you are, and when it comes to your marble surfaces those spills can result in stains.  Dave is an expert in removing marble stains.  Whether you simply want advice on the best way to tackle the problem, or you want Dave and his team to take care of it for you give us a call.  Whatever you do, please do not start a marble stain removal project without consulting a marble professional.  If you choose the wrong cleaning solution you can permanently damage the stone.

Marble Sealing

We highly recommend that once you do have your marble floors or other surfaces cleaned and restored you should have Dave the Marble Guy seal them to improve their ability to resist stains.  Even though most stains can be removed, the removal process can be expensive and time consuming.  Marble sealing is an inexpensive way to protect your marble surfaces against stains.

Marble Repair

Do your marble surfaces have chips or cracks?  Your first thought may be replacement.  While that is a service we provide, you might want to consider marble repair instead.  We can fix chips, cracks and holes.  After we fix the issue, we will then blend the newly repaired surface into the surrounding area by honing and polishing until it matches.

Marble Tile Replacement

Sometimes tile replacement is your only option.  It doesn’t happen often but when it does Dave the Marble Guy can remove the damaged tile, install the replacement tile, level it with the surrounding area, and then match the finish as closely as possible.

Regardless of your particular marble surface or care need, you can count on Dave The Marble Guy.  He has the knowledge and expertise to keep your marble services looking their best for years to come.

For a free estimate on marble floor polishing, marble countertop cleaning and sealing, or other marble restoration and refinishing services throughout San Jose and our extended service area contact us online or call (866) 985-0211 today.

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